Family Friendly

Summer is one of the few times of the year when the craziness of school and work come to a stop, and families can come together to recharge their batteries to prepare for another year. In our personal opinion, there is no better way to relax and recharge than by the pool in the sun, enjoying time with family and friends. One of the questions that the office is frequently asked is “but is it family friendly?”, when referring to specific parts of the club. Well, we are here to assure you that yes, every aspect of the Shoals Club is family friendly.

While it is not necessary to come here with the whole family, we encourage everyone to visit, it is certainly a detail that we cater towards throughout the summer. The recreation staff prepares games and activities for kids to do on their own, as well as some that the whole family can join in on such as our scavenger hunts. We do not use the term “finer dining” when we refer to Aqua to deter families from attending or children from enjoying, but rather because we believe that everyone should be able to dress up and have a special meal. The beach was made for sunbathing, splashing in the waves, making sandcastles, or long walks at sunset, that all families and all ages can enjoy.

Whether you are here for a long romantic getaway, or you are here with the whole family, the Shoals Club is prepared to meet any and all of your needs. So leave your worries on the mainland, and come with your grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, loved ones, and friends to enjoy our beautiful views. Our members here are our family and we work hard to treat them as such. We encourage you to bring your whole family, to meet ours.

Throughout the Years

Club throughout the years - Written from a member perspective

When the shoals club first opened, I was just a little girl and had yet to fully grasp how special this place was, or how important it would become to me. The club started simply as a place to relax by the pool and grab dinner at night, but it soon became a second home to my family. With each passing year we had the pleasure of getting to know the staff members better, from the recreation department who never failed to play games with my sister and me, to the wait staff, who upon seeing our family reservation would promptly prepare two Shirley temples, to be waiting for us when we sat down at our table.

The Labor Day parties were a staple in my household. While most families looked forward to the 4th of July, Labor Day was the event of the year for my family. The memories of eating desserts until my stomach hurt and dancing until I was too tired to walk to the cart, will forever be some of my favorite memories. It was one of the few nights of the year that my family was all together, not my immediate family, but my island family. The ones who watched my sister and I grow up, the ones who partook in hour long conversations in the market parking lot, and the ones who bunkered down together when storms came through. These were nights that will forever symbolize the true purpose of this club.

We have seen many changes over the years, but each one has been for the better, helping to ensure the growth of the club and the satisfaction of its members. The addition of the full member pool deck six years ago was a game changer. This heightened the exclusivity of the club, and made the full members feel as though they were truly valued. While the staff may change, the welcoming atmosphere, delicious food, and beautiful view is something that I know will last long after we have all passed.

Not only have I had the pleasure of growing up on this magnificent island, I have had the pleasure of spending lazy summer days by the Shoals Club pool, and getting to know everyone on the staff from recreation to front office. It brings me joy to know that these are the memories I will share with my children one day, but it makes me even more excited to possibly bring my own family here, years from now. So that my kids can have a water fight with the great girl working here for the summer from UNCW, or that they may come to dinner one night with blue skies and leave in a downpour, prompting the hostess to give them trash bags to use as ponchos. I have been blessed to be able to grow alongside this club, and am eager for the years to come, full of dancing nights, belly laughs, and pool games.

A must on every vacation to-do list

After a fun day in the sun by the beach or the pool, the perfect way to end the evening is by enjoying the delicious food and magnificent view at our two finer dining locations, Verandahs and Aqua. While Verandahs is one of our newer additions, it is quickly becoming a family favorite, just as Aqua has been for years. Both locations provide unique and exciting experiences to make every vacation unforgettable.

Verandahs, our outdoor finer dining option, offers phenomenal mouthwatering dishes such as chicken and waffles, salmon, and softshell crab. The only thing better than the food, just might be the view that guests have the privilege of losing themselves in. As if the combination of the food and the view couldn’t get any better, each Friday night this summer our Executive Chef Caitlyn Fisher adds an exceptional lobster dish to the menu. Stop by between 4pm and 9pm to indulge in a pound and a quarter steamed Maine lobster, perfectly paired with all of the necessary fixins, such as cornbread and new potatoes.

When it comes to a phenomenal New York strip, or even a lavender spiced duck breast, Aqua is the perfect place. The front office will be happy to make a reservation for you, and our wonderful manager Paul Nee, ensures that each member’s experience at Aqua is nothing short of perfect. From the exquisite meals prepared by Chef Fisher, to the fine service brought to you by servers from across the river in Southport, to across the ocean in Jamaica, Aqua is without a doubt a must, on your vacation list.

Here at the Shoals Club we pride ourselves on every amenity we offer, but we are exceptionally proud of the hard work and dedication that Chef Fisher and her staff put into each day, as well as Paul and his wait staff. We are truly blessed to have the talented and welcoming people that we do. Our entire team is eager to welcome you to the Shoals Club and we are excited to share our finest dishes and spectacular view with you.

Independence Day

It is finally July and Independence Day is just around the corner! For the small village of Bald Head Island, this day is huge deal. Every part of the island is alive and buzzing with excitement for the day and all the wonderful activities that it brings. Here at the Shoals club, we have a spectacular pool party from noon until four that day, with games, prizes, and a DJ! Our flags are up, and the pool deck is ready for you! The club will be closing at 6pm Thursday to allow our staff to be with their families, so be sure to soak up as much sun as you can until then!

On the other end of the island, you don’t want to miss the annual 4th of July golf cart parade, starting at 10am. While this may seem a little odd to some, this tradition has been a favorite on the island for decades. A great deal of time and talent goes into each cart, in hopes of bringing home the top prize. Join the thousands of people that line the streets to see the creative talent of homeowners, regulars, and first-time vacationers. In the evening, be sure to head to the marina to watch the famous fireworks display that the town of Southport, across the river, puts on for the celebration. There’s no better way to end this spectacular day than with your toes in the sand and a brilliant, patriotic fireworks display overhead.

While we are celebrating this day, it is important to remember the reason why we are able to do so. We are the land of the free, because of the brave, and here at The Shoals Club we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those are have served and are currently serving to keep the freedoms that we so enjoy. Because of them we are able to wake up to enjoy a golf cart parade, play pool games, awe over the beauty of fireworks, and cherish time with family and friends.

We hope that everyone has a safe and fun Independence Day!

Recreation is the cherry on top

There is so much that goes into creating an unforgettable vacation experience. From the beach and the pool, to the food, to the people themselves, every detail is crucial. Our goal is to create a fun and safe environment surrounded by familiar smiling faces to greet you each day and assist you in any way possible. The Shoals Club is nothing without the tremendous hospitality and dedication of the staff.

Our Recreation and Aquatics manager, Alicia Sides, has been at the Shoals Club for seven seasons, giving her the advantage of not only knowing the ins and outs of the club, but knowing the full-time members personally as well. This gives the club a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that ensures the satisfaction of all our guests. Being able to address members by their name and know their family is something that we surely pride ourselves on. With the help of her phenomenal staff, Alicia has created a superb layout of summer activities for our guests. Activities such as corn hole tournaments, family Olympics, and movie nights are sure to bring friends and family together. Other events such as tie dying, bird house making, and painting give kids the opportunity to let their creativity run free and give parents the opportunity to sit back and order a drink.

Outside of the exciting activities, the recreation department also works tirelessly to keep the pool area safe and clean. There is never a shortage of fresh towels at the pool and the water is always crystal clear. Our staff is also prepared to assist you and your family members in taking the complimentary chairs and umbrellas to the beach. As many know, The Shoals Club is an exclusive beach club resort and with the help of our recreation staff, we have been able to ensure that our members only policy, starts at the entrance. The club would not run as smoothly as it does without the tireless dedication and energy that each recreation staff member puts into their job. Their welcoming smiles and unique personalities are simply the cherry on top.

From organizing wonderful activities for the family, to making sure that the water you swim in and the towels you use are clean, the staff does it all to create an entertaining, family friendly, and safe environment. We are eager to share our beautiful views and wonderful food with you but are even more excited for you to meet the wonderful people on our staff that have become family. Be sure to check the calendar for the complete list of fun activities this summer.

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