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Frequently Asked Questions

I am renting a vacation home on Bald Head Island.
How do I gain access to the Shoals Club?

Resort guests renting most homes through Bald Head Island Limited Property Management receive temporary membership in the Shoals Club during their stay for a fee, allowing access to the Shoals Club’s amenities, dining and activities. To learn more about vacation rentals through Bald Head Island Limited Property Management, call 1-800-432-RENT or visit

If you are not renting through Bald Head Island Limited Property Management, please call your rental company or the owner of the property to confirm that a Shoals Club temporary membership is available for the property you have selected.

For more information regarding temporary membership, call the Shoals Club administrative office at 910-454-4888.

I am coming to the island in the off season.
Will the Shoals Club be open?

The Shoals Club is open seasonally, typically late March through December 31. The Shoals Club pool is typically open from April 1 through October 31.

I am a member of the Shoals Club.
How do I arrange temporary memberships for guests staying in my home?

Contact the Shoals Club’s administrative office at 910-454-4888 to arrange temporary memberships for guests staying in your home.

How much does it cost to purchase a full membership in the Shoals Club?

The Shoals Club membership initiation fee is $12,000.

What are the annual dues for the Shoals Club?

The Shoals Club annual dues rate for 2012-2013 is $150 per month ($75 per month for lot owners who do not own a home or shelter property). Shoals Club membership dues are billed on a twelve-month fiscal year of May 1–April 30. Members who choose to pay annual dues, in advance, on or before April 27, 2012 (date changes every year), will receive a discounted dues rate. For 2012-2013 fiscal year dues, a 5% discount will be given to members who elect to pay their annual dues in advance.

What special privileges do full Shoals Club members receive?

Full members receive a 15% discount on food purchases at the Shoals Club, not including special dining events. They also enjoy exclusive access to members’ socials, special members’ dinners and the annual Labor Day Members Party. Shoals Club site fees are waived for wedding receptions or other private functions held by members. Please remember to bring your membership card with you when you are at the Shoals Club.  This is especially helpful to the staff when charging to the Shoals Club member account and should help us ensure accurate billing to all accounts. If you need a replacement card, please contact the Membership Sales Office at 910-457-7334 or

Are there any pre-requisites for Shoals Club membership?

A credit and criminal background check may be required.

I am buying a property on Bald Head Island. How do I know if there is already a Shoals Club membership attached to it?

Your real estate agent should be able to verify if a Shoals Club membership is already attached to a property. New membership inquiries should be directed to the Clubs of Bald Head Island Membership Sales Office.

How do I contact the Clubs of Bald Head Island Membership Sales Office?

For more information or to request a membership application, stop by the Clubs of Bald Head Island Membership Sales Office located harborside at 88 Keelson Row or call 1-800-722-6450 or 910-457-7334. You may also contact a Membership Sales Executive at the following email addresses:

Holly Bullard
Membership Sales Manager

Kit Fry
Membership Sales Executive

Where do I learn more about purchasing property on Bald Head Island?

To learn more about Bald Head Island, including homes and homesites for sale, call Bald Head Island Limited Real Estate Sales at 1-800-888-3707 or visit to view a comprehensive online database of properties for sale.